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January 27, 2021   /   Geronimo De Klerk

Two brothers started a community garden in Elsies Rivier.

Geronimo (18yrs) & Valentino De Klerk (20yrs) are 2 brothers from Elsies Rivier who saw a need in their community and has started a community garden during the Pandemic which has been feeding their community with fruit & Vegetables that they have grown themselves.
They're also been inspiring & empowering the youth in their communities to become part of this project.

“We are able to use Zlto to reward our 17 volunteers growing a food garden in our community. We are currently feeding many families in the community.”  -Genorimo de Klerk


October 31, 2019  /  Lonwabo Lungile

Tutors buys a white board instead of our normal range of incentives.

Lonwabo Lungile and Mandilakhe Lungile have been impacting their communities and reaping their rewards, but the desire to do more always stayed with them. Then came the request: Lonwabo wanted to spend his Zlto on something that wasn’t listed on the store; A whiteboard which will be used to tutor students in his local community.

May 4, 2020  /  Yonela Khohloko

Yonela starts her own organization that empowers women from townships.

Yonela started her own organization called Inguquko Female Organization. The organization  is based in Strand, it empowers and lifts women from the townships by educating them about their self-worth and how they can uplift their communities.


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